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Welcome to the Minnesota Department of Health, Well Management Section internet e-Well Disclosure Certificate filing application. This application is for those transferring property that has a well and requires a Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV).

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e-Well Disclosure Certificate Filers may:

  • Enter e-Well Disclosure Certificate.
  • Edit or add to a pending e-Well Disclosure Certificate.
  • Edit/Review user profile.

e-Well Disclosure Certificate information is available for additions and changes as soon as they are submitted. Once the deed for the property has been presented to the county recorder, the county recorder will confirm that the e-Well Disclosure Certificate is available and validate the e-Well Disclosure Certificate. After the e-Well Disclosure Certificate has been validated it will be available to the public within 2 to 3 business days.

Where can I get more information or help?

If you have any questions regarding e-Well Disclosure contact the Minnesota Department of Health, Well Management Section Central Office, at health.welldisclosures@state.mn.us or by telephone at 651-201-4587 or 800-383-9808.